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Conclusions: Perioperative Morbidity/Mortality in Patients with Vascular Disease

  • Primary cause of perioperative morbidity/mortality: cardiac disease
  • Reduction in perioperative cardiovascular problems secondary to:
    • Enhanced anesthetic intraoperative hemodynamic/myocardial oxygen supply vs. demand management
    • Pulse oximetry -- reduction in frequency of  intraoperative hypoxia
  • Likelihood of serious intraoperative size perioperative morbidity/mortality: directly correlated with advancing age.  
  • Primary Reference: Katz, J.,  Evaluation Risk Assessment of Patients with Vascular Disease in Principles and Practice of Anesthesiology (Longnecker, D.E., Tinker, J.H. Morgan, Jr., G. E., eds)  Mosby, St. Louis, Mo., pp. 201-218, 1998.